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Junghans Parlour Special

Item # 1009 

Here's a treat to offer up to all our customers who prefer to purchase only the unique... or perhaps you just can't live without it in you collection.  This is not your typical mantle clock!


This is a Junghans 8 day time and strike on a large cathedral gong.  The sound simply resonates in a deep fashion, unlike the sounds of your typical kitchen clock or mantle.  The case measures approx 17" in height and 13" in width.  The case design is very intricate and unlike most anything you normally see.  I love the way the top portion of the case "cascades" in progression towards the back.  Even the corner pieces aren't simply facing straight forward, but rather tilted outward from the corners.  The grain in the wood is very attractive and the finish is all original.  The Porcelain dial is MINT and bold... and it's signed with the Junghans logo.  Even the fancy hands are original.  The movement is also signed and in good running order.  There is a small chip that you can see on the top left hand side.  We've chosen to leave it, however, it could be corrected with a little bit of patience, or coloured down to minimize it's appearance.  I also believe that the "steeple" turrets on each corner probably had a small sharp finial at one time.   Overall though, the style and quality of this piece speaks the loudest.  I'd love to find the right type of person who would enjoy this unique piece as much as I do.  





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