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Support and FAQs

Table of Contents

How much is my clock worth?

How can I purchase?

What types of payment options do I have?

My Item hasn't arrived yet... What's Wrong?


How Much Is My Clock Worth?

Tough question.  Generally, it's worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it... but people continue to ask.  Without inspecting it, it's pretty much a shot in the dark.  Unfortunately we've had too many people quote us on Ebay, so we don't offer this service anymore.  We will, however, help you the best we can if you're interested in knowing a little bit more about your family heirloom.  We may not respond immediately, but if we can help.. we always try to. 

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How Can I Purchase From The Clocksmiths?

Purchasing from The Clocksmiths is easy.  Just E-mail us with your item number and we'll take if from there.  Check out additional information here.

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What Types of Payment Options Do I Have?

We prefer Paypal, but we also accept Checks, Money Orders, and can facilitate a Visa transaction if necessary.  Complete details can be found here.

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Why Hasn't My Item Arrived Yet?

Shipping is one of those things.  Once it's in the system, it's out or our control.  Remember, your item is probably travelling to another Country (sent from Canada) and will take longer than typical Domestic Delivery.  Canada Post usually quotes 10-15 business days for shipments to the US.  We guarantee your item will arrive, or we'll refund your money.  We appreciate your purchase and will do everything we can to ensure it arrives safely, and in a timely fashion.  More info here.

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Mark...from California

Good morning Jeff.  Just a quick note to confirm that the watch arrived today...  It's even better than described.  Thanks.  I'll be back for sure!!


Linda... from Australia!! The clock was packed so well it took nearly an hour to open.  I hope you don't do this to your children on Christmas Day.  They'd be pretty depressed trying to get to their presents. 

Tom... from the UK

The Pocketwatches arrived safe and as described.  I appreciate doing business with you and will keep your site bookmarked.  Thanks again.

Desmond... from Pennsylvania

I'm so glad I found your site.  Your collection of parts is just what I've been looking for.  Thanks for the quick delivery.  The bezel fit like a glove.  Now my grandparents wedding gift is complete again.  I appreciate your help and advise.